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 Subject :VTem Animal Template Logo and Maps issues.... 08-08-2017 12:36:51 

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I've used the Animal Template to make this website http://slmestudio.com.br/ and we are struggling a little bit to fix some issues.

1- On the mobile version the logo is too big and we weren't able make it smaller.

2- The maps section displays an error, we already have the "google API code", however, we don't know were to put it.

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 Subject :Re:VTem Animal Template Logo and Maps issues.... 16-08-2017 02:42:49 

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About Map: Please input your Google Key for the block to it work.

With logo: Please add the code in file: templates/vt_animal/css/template.css

.widget-logo a {max-width: 150px;}
.widget-menu.vtem-menu{float: right;}


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