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VTEM K2 Show(Vertical)

VTEM K2 Show(Configuration)
VTEM K2 Show is a module allow you use to display k2 items in the slideshow. Supported many effects with simple parameters you create a nice module on your site. It filters the image in article and show them as slides. If you are looking for a slideshow module for your site then this module is the best choice.

An overview of VTEM K2 SHOW module key features:
+ Joomla! 1.5 Native.
+ Content control display from any category or specific items.
+ Title and intro-text content display.
+ Easy text, background and border color styles for user configuration.
+ On/Off Featured items display in modules.
+ Clean (X)HTML in content.
+ Easy and friendly administration.
+ Prev/Next buttons control.
+ News amount sorted by added first, oldest first, order, random, …
+ Shrink/grow, slide horizontal, slide vertical and fade effect presentation.
+ Animation speed and Animation time control.
+ Used JavaScript Framework: Jquery
+ Fully compatible: Firefox, IE6+, Opera 9.5+, Safari, Netscape, Google Chrome, Camino, Flock 0.7+.

Getting Started
Overview files
Start by downloading from our products section - vtem.net - the VTEM K2 Show module package.

After downloading the package, be sure to unpack locally the vtem_k2_show_pack.zip file. If all goes well, you should see the following files:

Here’s an overview of the available files:

This is the module file to be installed on your joomla application. It will display all the content set on the selected website pages.

doc!!! - folder:
This help file that will help you to install, set and configurations your VTEM K2 Show module.

VTEM K2 Show Module Installation
The installation is very simple and should not pose any problem, if you follow the next instructions in properly way.

Using the Joomla! 1.5 Administrator, navigate to the administrative panel on your site and from your administration top menu, select Extensions > Install/Uninstall.

Click the ‘browse’ button, select the module file (mod_vtem_k2_show.zip) and press ‘Upload File & Install.

A message will appear saying ‘Module Installation - Success.

The VTEM K2 Show module is now available on your Modules Manager.

Module Configuration
VTEM K2 Show Configuration
To configurations your VTEM K2 Show module, navigate to “Extensions > Module Manager” and find the VTEM K2 Show module on the available list.

Click on it to enter inside and to edit the module parameters configuration.

From left to right, set the module in your selected position and enable it.

Before saving the module, you must configurations the following parameters fields:

Module parameters:
Module Class Suffix:
A suffix can be applied from the CSS class of the module and this will allow individual module CSS style.

Module height:
Use to display height of the module in pixels. You must set this value as bigger than 0. (i.e. 250)

Module width:
Use to display width of the module in pixels. You must set this value as bigger than 0. (i.e. 780)

Thumbnail width:
Use to display width of the thumbnail images in pixels. You must set this value as bigger than 0. (i.e. 120)

Thumbnail height:
Use to display height of the thumbnail images in pixels. You must set this value as bigger than 0. (i.e. 50)

Thumbnail opacity:
Opacity of thumbnails could set from 0.1 up to 1.0

Active border color:
The border color of the current thumbnail

Animation speed:
Set how long will be animation transition In milliseconds.

Animation time:
Whichever effect is used to switch images, how long should it take?.

Start at index:
Which item should be displayed at first? 1 is the first item

Auto start:
Option YES to auto scroll the content. If set to NO (default) then auto scrolling is turned off.

Effect style:
Select type of module animation: slide-horizontal, slide-vertical, resize, fade, none or false

Prev/Next buttons:
Set YES to show the buttons.

If you want to show titles of items

If you want to show intro-text to items

Introtext word limit:
Set intro-text length in words ( i.e: 50)

Show Readmore:
If you want to show readmore button of item

Select value which will be base on source.

Category filter:
Option to filter the category to display on module

Select one or more categories:
Select one or more categories for which you want to filter an items list. Select none to fetch items from all categories.

Item count:
Set max amount of news which will be visible in module.

Item ordering:
Select value which will be base of sort. Options: Recently Added First, Recently Modified First, Item ordering or Random.

Featured items:
If you want to show Featured items from k2component

Add items:
Use this to add items to the list below

Drag and drop to re-order items:
Drag and drop to re-order items. Click the remove icon to remove an item from the list.

Jquery load:
Use this option only if you have a problem with scripts on your site. In other situations option YES is strongly recommended. If you want to run more than one copy of this module on same page then set this value for disabled. Also if you have an jquery framework included on your site, then disable this option also.

Use to add your css.

Customizable CSS
CSS Classes for advanced customization
If you have some knowledge of how to set up style sheets, here are the main classes that you can format to create your own design.

If you do not have this knowledge, you can request support in our forum. Also, we recommend that regular visits to our official site – VTEM.NET - where you can find some examples in the future.

Here’s the list of classes and ID CSS style used on the VTEM K2 Show module:

. VTEMk2Show
. ad-image-wrapper
. ad-image
. ad-image-description
. vt_content_wapp
. vt_bg_overrall
. readmore
. ad-nav
. ad-next
. ad-prev
. ad-back
. ad-forward
. ad-thumb-list
. ad-active

In some cases, may have to impose the setting of class, to overcome already existing ones on the module, by placing the “!important” class in the style configuration.
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